Monday, April 11, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011


by Robin Ann

The beacon of Light navigates guidance.

To distant fog whispering in.

Upon the capsized ocean waves.

Sheltered by its only fear.

To draw midnight in.


Silent clearing the drifting tides.

Across the soon to become morning.

Searching the horizon, full circle.

As brisk the humble winds calm.

Enlighten! It's illuminating hope.


How the shoreline waits patiently.

The lighthouse beams Her radiant Light.

For miles between all shadows lay.

And thrive the lens rest assured.

Shine on! It's strength to comfort the weak.


For the vessel sails on and on.

Unto the great blue sea's horizon.

In victorious glory of its grace.

Without fading of Her endless glow.

The beacon, as with all of we, Shine.