Monday, September 19, 2011

Lighthouse At Europa Point, Gibraltar

Of the three attractions of Europa Point, the one which is most often visited and most frequently commented on, in fact one of the most well known of all the attractions of Gibraltar, the Trinity Lighthouse, or the Lighthouse at Europa Point must take that prize.

The actual construction of the Lighthouse at Europa Point was begun in 1838, by the Governor Alexander Woodford, who with his own hand laid the foundation for the lighthouse, setting the first stone of what would be the Lighthouse of Europa Point into place. There was a brief ceremony there, to commemorate it, which was covered by the local newspaper of Gibraltar, but actual opening of the lighthouse didn’t take place for about three more years, when it opened in August of 1841.

The opening of the Trinity Lighthouse at Europa Point was quite a spectacle, drawing in more than 2000 people from the area who came to watch its first emission of light out over the waterways. Not surprisingly, the Lighthouse was a welcome addition to Gibraltar to the sailors both local and from a distance. The Rock of Gibraltar was well known for the difficulties that could present themselves when navigating Gibraltar Bay, and any means to light the path was welcomed.

There was also a fog horn installed that would provide the ships with two short harsh blasts. In 1956, the Europa Point Lighthouse again had some positive changes to its lighting and its surface, with the installation of the more modern methods of lighting. With these additions, the lighthouse at Europa Point became more electrical in nature, and additionally the advances permitted full revolutions and had far more power and visibility than the lighthouse could previously manage.

The Trinity Light house,the Lighthouse at Europa Point began as a way to save lives and property, and to safeguard the travelers of the area, and continues to do so, yet it has evolved also to be one of the main tourist attractions of Gibraltar, has offered a means to navigate the area, to the seafarers of Gibraltar for more than a hundred years. While you’re in Gibraltar, make sure that you navigate up to Europa Point and take a look at the Lighthouse of Europa Point.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Light News

Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Light sold to the next highest bidder

Tours of Erie's Land Lighthouse to be offered
The public will have a rare chance to explore the Erie Land Lighthouse during guided tours beginning later this month, thanks to a joint project by the Erie Port Authority and the Erie Playhouse.

Historic Lens to return to Lorain

The lighthouse lens that once helped guide ships into the Port of Lorain is closer to getting a permanent home.

Makeover complete for Buffalo's 1833 Lighthouse

Restoration work is finished on a historic lighthouse erected on Buffalo's Lake Erie waterfront during the early years of the Erie Canal.

Buffalo's 1833 lighthouse has undergone about a half million dollars in renovations in recent years. The 44-foot-tall, octagon-shaped structure is located on a point of land next to a U.S. Coast Guard station, but has been leased to the Buffalo Lighthouse Association for nearly 20 years. The group has raised most of the funds used to maintain and restore the lighthouse.

Some damage at Cape Lookout Light in NJ from Hurricane Irene, and other units, lighthouses with varying degrees of damage

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